IPA Lincoln Award 2017

Story by Martyn Linton – London North Branch

Today I had news from one of the Section UK Vice Presidents that I had been awarded the first ever IPA Section UK Lincoln Award. 

The Lincoln Award for those who’ve never heard of it is UK award of £1000 given on a yearly basis to a UK member to use towards an educational purpose. 

Earlier this year I applied for the Arthur Troop Scholarship (ATS) to visit the US to take part in a course in America titled Gangs – Target The Entire Gang. Here I would train alongside law enforcement professionals in tactics targeting gang crime. My ATS application was unsuccessful but it was successful for the UK Lincoln Award.

I have an interest in gang culture and my work as a Detective in the Metropolitan Police sees me work with gang members. I had a childhood that saw me start to get involved in gangs in the late 1990’s. Gangs then weren’t what they are now and have evolved massively. 

It is an absolute honour to have been awarded the first ever Lincoln Award and I will use this opportunity to build on my existing knowledge of gang culture, enforcement and prevention. In 2018 I have been invited to speak at a IPA arranged seminar on gangs being held in Leicestershire at the Police HQ and I hope tdon’t be able to share knowledge gained on this course in that seminar. 

I will be writing about my experience in the hope that others will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity provided to members of the IPA. This is one of many benefits of IPA membership!

Membership to the IPA is open to serving and retired Police Officers, Specials & Staff. For more information or to join visit http://www.ipa-uk.org 

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