IPA Cybercrime Event

Post by Martyn Linton – London North Branch

Until this week I had never explored the learning and development opportunities within the IPA. I have read several stories about people attending the likes of Gimborn and have said several times that I must get involved. Well this week I did and I do not know why I haven’t done it sooner.

I’m sure that there will be a web news story to follow so I won’t steal that thunder but felt that I should put a few lines together to inform you of the learning opportunities and their value open to you as a member of the IPA.

I work on a Major Crime Team in London and an increasing number of investigations involve electronic devices and/or use of the Internet. A typical example being online fraud. It is no secret that online fraud etc is on the increase and will no doubt continue. 

The seminar I attended was held in Coventry in a very modern environment. I arrived and met the Instructors who were very knowledgeable and clearly specialists in their field. What was very helpful was the fact the Senior Lecturer was a former Police Officer so he understood the complex nature of policing. I then met colleagues from forces across the country who worked in varying roles from Major/Organised Crime to Digital Media.

I will not go into specifics about what the day covered but will say that I left the seminar armed with some new knowledge and some tools that will be very useful in investigating  crime.

I left the event with a newly found interest in this field and I am wanting to learn more. This event was the first UK Cybercrime event and at the end feedback was sought from those attending on what content they would like to see for future events so that those attending can get the most out of it.

The International Police Association have a number of learning and development opportunities available to members. Events are hosted locally, nationally and internationally. There is the Gimborn training centre which hosts seminars in various topics around the year. I highly recommend that you explore the opportunities open to you.

If you would like any information about opportunities available to you please contact your local branch. If you are not an IPA member and you would like to know more about the benefits of membership please visit http://www.ipa-uk.org

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