IPA Baltimore Visit London

The London North Branch welcomed visitors from IPA Baltimore in October 2015. Branch Secretary Martyn Linton writes about what happened.

I was informed that four members from IPA Baltimore – US Section were to visit London and that they wished to meet with local members. I made contact with Mike in the US and after introducing myself we started to discuss what activities we could do. Being London we had no shortage of options.

After the feedback we received about our day out with the visitors from Switzerland we decided that a casual day visiting some attractions would be the order of the day.

The day arrived for us to meet. I met our guests at their hotel and after the introductions we set off into the City. We were lead by Matin Addis, a London North member. Martin’s extensive knowledge on the history of London has been complimented by many visitors.

Guests With Officers From The Metropolitan Police Armed Response Unit

We visited a number of places and found ourselves at The Palace. Martin gave a short talk on the history of the Palace, the military and the buildings surrounding the Palace. After this we decided to head towards a pub for some lunch. We walked along The Mall where our guests caught eye of two Armed Met Police vehicles.

This lead to questions that I am nearly always asked by overseas visitors about the British style of policing and not being routinely armed. Our guests had a chat with the armed officers about the tools of their trade and there was a short exchange of banter about the different approach to firearms tactics used by the UK and US.


Mike With Officer From Ministry Of Defence Police At Horseguard’s Parade Ground

After lunch we visited Downing Street, The Horseguard’s Parade Ground, Parliament and a few other historic buildings. Martin gave a short talk on each venue as we visited and Martin answered several questions that our guests put to him.

In what seemed like no time at all the day started to draw to a close. After a couple more venues the time came for us to say goodbye to our guests as they needed rest. We returned to their hotel where we continued talking for a while before shaking hands and going our separate ways.


Gift Presented To IPA London North Branch

Our guests had retired from the Baltimore Police Department and they were completing a group tour of a number of countries together. What I really liked about this group was the fact that they had worked together as serving officers on a close knit team and having retired they have kept that close bond. It was an absolute pleasure to have met these members and having been invited to visit Baltimore I will hopefully meet them again.

Not a member of the International Police Association? Membership is open to all serving and retired officers, specials and staff. Visit http://www.ipa-uk.org for information about the IPA and membership.







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