9 Region Welcome Visitors From Denmark

Post By M.Evans – London North Branch

In December 2014 I received an email from a IPA member from Denmark who was planning a trip to London and he needed some assistance to plan his trip. He was visiting with sixteen others and they had an interest in Britsh premiership football. I was asked if I could assist with arranging a visit to a london based premiership football game and also to meet for a drink and I was very happy to assist. The visitors were due to arrive on the 19th of March 2015.

I am not a football fan and my knowledge in this area was very limited so I sought assistance from members by sending an email out outlining the request. I was pleased to get a reply from a London North member who was a serving officer and had worked on the Met Police Football Intelligence Unit which pointed me in the right direction. I forwarded the information to the Danish member and as a result he was able to book tickets to see a West Ham United game.

The group watched the game and after this they visited some London pubs and some tourist attractions. On the 22nd of March I had arranged for members to meet the visitors at a pub in central London. Members from the London North, Scotland Yard and British Transport Police branches attended. The evening was mist enjoyable and I learned a little about how policing in Denmark is done but most importantly I made new friends.


The tour host explained that he was most grateful for the assistance Section UK had given him in  arranging the visit and he went further inviting those who attended to visit Denmark. I was presented with a book about Aarhus which is the place where the visitors work along with a few other gifts. It was good to meet the Danish visitors and I have remained in touch with the tour host since their departure.

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