9 Region Christmas Party

Martyn Evans – London North Branch Secretary Was Tasked With Arranging The 9 Region Christmas Party. Here Is What Happened

At a Regional Committee Meeting held at Stevenage Police Station in November I was tasked with making arrangements for the 9 Region Christmas Party. It was no secret that the festive season is not my favourite part of the year and those who know me well will have heard my festive grumbling however a task is a task and I gave it my best effort.

After canvassing members we chose The Civil Service Club in Great Scotland Yard, London and this turned out to be a fantastic decision. We were made most welcome by the staff and management.

The Christmas Party was held on Monday the 22nd of December. Thirty one members attended from across the Region and we were pleased to welcome 10 Region Publicity Officer Chris Eddy and his wife Pam.

The evening started with members having a few casual drinks in the bar. I had never been to the Civil Service Club before and I found the environment to be very pleasant and relaxing. After a couple of drinks and having done the rounds meeting and greeting those who had attended it was time to eat. A hot buffet was provided and the food was very good.


Civil Service Club Bar (Image From Their Website)

After eating it was time for the main event. This came in the form of a Comedy Night with a number of comedians due to perform. We went upstairs to the private room that had been reserved and we took our seats ready for what was going to be a fantastic night of laughter.

The evening was introduced by a man who I can only describe as being hillarious! He was the landlord of a local pub from down the road and faced with a room full of IPA members he wasted no time in cracking the police jokes.

photo 2 (3)

A total of six comedians performed and each of them were very amusing. Of course not one of them could resist having a laugh at the expense of the police. The evening in my opinion seemed to go very quickly but that was as I was having such a good time.


Sav Could Not Resist A Chance To Get Up On The Stage

After the entertainment it was back to the bar where members enjoyed some more drinks. I was extremely pleased that everyone who had attended approached me to say thank you for arranging such a pleasant evening.

photo (9)

The evening was a success and it was a pleasure to have arranged it. I would like to thank those who attended and I would also like to thank the staff at the Civil Service Club for making it possible.

Oh and I nearly forgot – If the landlord host thinks he has seen the back of the IPA after his jokes at our expense he is wrong. We are going to plan an unexpected visit to his pub for one of our social events.

Story By Martyn Evans

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3 Responses to 9 Region Christmas Party

  1. Dear Martyn,

    I did try to say hello afterwards but you had gone/temporarily missing. So thank you for a good night. I counted 5 comedians, but perhaps I had not drunk so much?? ;-), I will try to visit the Nelle Qwen Pub sometime. all the best, Jane and David

  2. Tom O'Reilly says:

    Thanks Martyn
    The comedians Met their match with the Met
    Make sure that the landlord will be there ” discretely”
    Maybe we could dress as american Tourists and buy the Genuinnnne Titanic bell

    Cheers to all attending

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