Metropolitan Police Have A Visit From A North Cyprus Police Officer

IPA London North Branch Secretary Martyn Evans Welcomes Chief Inspector Kerem Kadirogullari Of The Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus.

On the 13th of July 2014 IPA London North Branch Secretary Martyn Evans was sat at his desk at Edmonton Police Station putting together a file when in walks the Station Officer. The Station Officer (Front Desk Staff) explained that sat in the reception area was a Chief Inspector from the Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus Police who was asking how he could learn about the Metropolitan Police. Jumping  straight into action Martyn set off downstairs to meet the visitor.

Chief Inspector Kadirogullari explained that he was visiting London and that he was interested in learning about how Neighbourhood Policing, Crime Prevention and Public Place Violent Crime Reduction worked in the Metropolitan Police. He is working on projects in Northern Cyprus and wanted to learn from the Met. He very quickly noticed the IPA lanyard that I was wearing (I highly recommend getting one from the IPA website as it has generated lots of interest).


We went for a short tour of the police station where Chief Inspector Kadirogullari saw the Custody Suite, Forensic Department, CID Office, Station Office and Neighbourhood Offices. He met officers of various ranks, including a fellow Chief Inspector.

It was a very pleasant and unexpected visit and a welcomed distraction from the bulging file that was beginning to give me a headache. C.I Kadirogullari left the police station with a selection of crime prevention material that we give out to the public and he immediately commented on what a good idea this material was.

I was asked about The Peel Principles and how they fit into the service.

CI Kerem

Whilst we were having the discussion about Metropolitan Police tradition I could not help myself. There was one tradition that had to be continued and being a good sport Chief Inspector Kadirogullari took part. I could not allow him to leave without having a photograph taken of him with his very own I’ve Met The Met sticker.

It would have been nice to have been able to show more of what we do and gone for a tour of the ward however this was not possible as it was a surprise visit. We discussed the IPA’s International Development Exchange Program (of which he was not aware of) and my offer of returning to London through a pre arranged educational program that would allow us to provide a real insight into our work was very well received.

I do not think this will be the last we see of Chief Inspector Kadirogullari.

Did You Know That IPA London North Are Busy Making Arrangements For Polish Officers To Visit London Where They Will Experience Public Order At Gravesend And Response Policing? As An IPA Member You Could Experience The Same Anywhere In The World. If You Are Not A Member Join Us!

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One Response to Metropolitan Police Have A Visit From A North Cyprus Police Officer

  1. Sav Kyriakou says:

    Great work Martyn. This is what the IPA is all about; developing friendships and professional development opportunities.

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