IPA Hertfordshire Branch Chairman Educates US Law Enforcement Officers

One of the many benefits of being a member of the International Police Association is the opportunity to learn and complete training. IPA Branch Chairman Mark Bullen recently went to the USA to train US law enforcement professionals about Russian Organised Criminal Gangs.

Mark Bullen is a serving member of the Hertfordshire Constabulary and is the Chairman of the Hertfordshire IPA Branch. He has an interest in Russia and he is a regular visitor to the Country. Mark has been visiting Russia for a long time now and he has become a specialist in the Russian Gangs and Tattoos having learned directly about them from gang members.

photo 4 (1) Mark has conducted a number of training sessions across the world where he has taught officers from many different organisations. Last week he conducted a presentation in Seattle, America with officers from the Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), US Department Of Justice, Local Police and the Department Of Corrections (US Prison Service).

photo 2 (1)
  The event was organised by the Latino Police association and focused on the narcotics trade and gang culture in the US. It also covered the extreme violence used by the Mexican drug cartels and the rise of Mexican Heroin and Crystal Meth.

It was not all work for Mark though. Sightseeing is a must on any IPA trip. Mark took a bit of time out to explore the local area and meet local law enforcement.

photo 1 (1)

The International Police Association offer its members a wide range of educational opportunities. Members can access literally thousands of specialists across the world. There are also regular training seminars that are held at the IPA Training Centre located  in Gimborn, Germany. Learning through the IPA could not be anymore simple.

Members have access to exchange visits to overseas forces, there is the International Learning & Development Exchange Program, Scholarships and more. If you had a specific learning need it has been known for people to visit members with those skills to learn directly from them.

For further information about the learning opportunities that the International Police Association has to offer visit the website at http://www.ipa-uk.org/Professional-Development

To find out more about the work being done to prevent gang activity visit http://www.gangpreventionservices.org/index.asp







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