Kings Cross Social Evening – 24/05/2014

On the 24th of May 2014 IPA Middlesex arranged an evening in Kings Cross for members new and old to meet informally for a few drinks and to meet each other.

IPA Middlesex have made it no secret that the branch has not been the most active in recent times and that this was going to change. Last night members got together and a good time was had by all. We even got GOG (Grumpy Old Git) Brian to smile!

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We met at the O’Neills Bar just down the road from Kings Cross Train Station. In the planning stage Branch Secretary Martyn Evans failed to consider one factor, that factor being a football cup final so the pub was very busy but that did not deter us.

The event was attended by nine members from Region 9 and also by special invite a man who is well known on Twitter for his support for the Police Service, Mr Mike Kenworthy who tweets as @kenworthy39. It was a good blend of members with the newest member having signed up within the last month or so and the oldest members having signed up in 1965!

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We were pleased to welcome IPA member Mariusz Berezowski who lives in London and who arranges trips for IPA members between the UK and Poland. We discussed advertising the trips to Poland to our members and having heard some of the details of what we can do in Poland I said to Chairman Sav that we were off to Poland!

image (11)

Mariusz explained that a trip to Poland leaves from Stansted and whilst out there visitors get to fire live firearms, visit police stations, visit attractions and there is the option of a day trip to Berlin. There is obviously the chance to sample some Polish beers and eat out in restaurants. I will be meeting Mariusz properly next Friday to sit down properly to discuss these trips and to see how we can host visitors from Poland to the UK.

Mariusz came armed with a number of gifts from Poland that he wished to pass on. The gifts were a number of police badges, Polish Police magazines, and a gift that we all had to try on which was a Polish Police Officer’s hat.

image (7) image (9) image (12)

After an hour or so we moved across the road to a Fuller’s Pub located within Kings Cross Train Station which was a lot quieter and had no football fans. We sat down on the patio where we heard stories from our retired members of incidents that took place long before I was even born. We also exchanged ideas on how to develop the branch and more importantly we had a good laugh. Chairman Sav even bought a round.

image (3)  image (8)  image (10)

IPA Middlesex will be putting events on in the future. We will be advertising them via our Facebook Group, Twitter (@sec_middxipa) and Memberbase and all IPA members are welcome to join us.

If you have been on an IPA trip or event we would like to hear all about it so we can publish the story on this Blog. To add your story please contact Martyn Evans, Branch Secretary of IPA Middlesex.

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